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Eco-Friendly Halloween Candy List for Eco-minded Parents


What candy do you hand out to Halloween trick-or-treaters? Check out this list of low-waste, sustainable goodies!

There are so many individually wrapped packages out there. How many types of candy are wrapped in sustainable packaging? Not many. However, it’s not impossible to find them! Here are a few options.

Tootsie Roll Junior Creamy Mints in Pure Chocolate, Mini-Boxes, sustainable candy boxes

Junior Mints come in individually boxed packaging that can be recycled. Buy them in bulk — a 70-count box is $29.99 ($0.41/individual box).

Halloween Candy List for Eco-minded Parents, Nerd mini recyclable boxes, Eco-Friendly Halloween ideas

Another good choice is Nerd Mini Candy. No need to prep with these, and you don’t have to feel guilty about packaging going into the garbage! Buy them in bulk — a 50-count box is $23.99 ($0.48/individual box).

Eco-Friendly Truffle Chocolates in compostable wrapper, Fair Trade Sustainable candy for eco-friendly halloween. Perfect eco-candy options for Halloween

Alter Eco Truffle Chocolate is not only perfect for Halloween, but also as an everyday snack! Alter Eco uses clean ingredients and wraps the chocolate in plant-based, non-GMO, compostable wrappers! Delicious, sweet, and guilt free! It’s $49.99 for a 60-count box ($0.83/individual chocolate).

Glee Gum All Natural Variety Gum Pack, Non GMO Project Verified, Eco Friendly, 16 Piece Box (Pack of 12)

Glee Gum is a better alternative to regular gum. It includes no plastic, and no artificial sweeteners, colors, or flavors. Plus Glee Gum is non-GMO and has no preservatives. It also comes in eco-friendly packaging that is fully recyclable.

Glee Gum uses chicle to make the gum because it helps to conserve the rainforest. The company sells Glee Gum Variety packs that contain 16 pieces of gum and would delight any kid who gets one in their trick-or-treat haul. The cost is is $25.99 for 12 packs of gum. 

What do you think? Interested in joining us for some eco-trick-or-treating? Are there any other goodies that you might recommend? Leave us comments. The more, the better!

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