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Eco-Friendly Halloween Costume Swap List

In 2022, consumers in the United States are expected to spend an all-time high of almost 11 billion dollars for the Halloween season. Almost 4 million of that will be for costumes. But how many hours are your kids (or yourself) going to wear those costumes? Maybe half a day? Well, that’s no good!

Why not save money and also be more eco-friendly this Halloween? Here are some tips!

Check out Facebook for costume-swap events.

Instead of buying new costumes, swap our your old ones! Go to Facebook Events and search for “costume swaps near me”. Or, join the Facebook Buy Nothing Group in your local area! The members are your neighbors, which makes it easy to pick up or drop off costumes (and to get to know your neighbors’ tastes!).

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Check out thrift stores first.

Thrift stores are a great way to find gems. Before you go buy a new costume, check out places like Goodwill first! Especially if you don’t know what you want to be, thrift stores are a great way to get inspired! Here is the link for the Goodwill Thrift shop locator.

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There are online thrift stores, too!

Here is a link to one of my go-to online thrift shops,! And here are the specific links for girls’ costumes and boys’costumes.

Eco-friendly Halloween costumes

What do you think of these tips? We hope they can help you save money and be more sustainable. Happy Halloween to you all — can’t wait to see all the costumes out there on October 31!

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