Mighty Food Cover Guide 101

All your clever questions answered.

Frequently asked question

What is Mighty Food Covers?

Mighty Food Covers is Reusable Food Covers that can be used repeatedly. These covers replace single-use plastic wrap and help our planet be healthier than ever.

Why use PUL inner layer?

Mighty covers have a PUL liner because it can be reused many times after cleaning and keep food from drying. Polyurethane Laminate Fabric, or PUL, is a soft, flexible, tough, and waterproof fabric. Some companies have started using this fabric for snack bags.

What does FoodSAFE® certified PUL Fabric mean?

Our PUL fabric quality is superior to any others - made and tested in the USA. ProSoft PUL was tested under the worst-case conditions for all types of food and beverages (except for alcoholic beverages). They are FREE of lead, BPA, and phthalate-free PUL, which are harmful if they are in contact with food.

How long do they last?

It depends on how well used. It can last up to 300x washes and more! That means it can normally replace at least 10 rolls of single-use plastic wrap!

How do I care for my Mighty Food Covers?

Wipe clean or toss in the washing machine. Hang dry or put it into a dryer if you need them right away! *Not ovenproof or microwave safe.

Why do they work better than other sustainable products on the market?

Mighty Food Covers are created to function better than any other products on the market. It is more flexible than silicone covers - our customizable cotton fabric covers have a recycled elastic cord and stoppers, allowing you to cover anything with zero fuss. Also, less hassle than beeswax wraps - easy to wipe clean of food debris after each use. And you can machine wash them at any temperature. These covers keep food fresh longer than other eco-friendly solutions like silicone covers and beeswax wraps.