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Great quality; comfortable fit, especially if you wear glasses and ear straps aren’t irritating. This is probably my favorite mask that I’ve bought. Love love love mine!

Shelby, MI

I've ordered a number of different fabric masks from different sellers since the pandemic began; the reason I kept ordering different ones was that each one that arrived was disappointing in some way. That is, until Hanuk Design's mask arrived. This one solves all the problems I had with other sellers' masks, including not fitting well against the face, squashing the nose, being uncomfortable behind the ears, and being hard to insert a filter into. Everything about the Hanuk mask is perfect, including the ingenious way it's folded so that it follows the shape of the face, the narrow rounded elastic that is adjustable and doesn't bend the ear forward, and the slot in the middle of the mask (rather than at one end) for inserting a filter. I just purchased extras for myself and will be buying them as gifts for friends. Thank you!

Ellen, MD

So well made, every seam perfectly finished, and fabric is stylish and very high quality. Filter pocket is genius. Their masks fit so well, this is my 3rd one! Great coverage, and ear loops are comfortable and adjustable. Very nice people to deal with, great store.

Ellie, CA

Cut and comfy! Wore for a 8 hour shift and didn’t have any issues!! Breathable.

Marcy, CA

I absolutely love this mask! The fabric is super stylish, and the straps fit very well. The design of the mask itself prevents any gaps around the nose and mouth even without a metal nose piece, unlike other designs. Highly recommend!

Christy, IL

This mask is really well made! As a health care provider talking with a mask on is pretty difficult, but with this mask, I am able to breath and talk without having the mask concave into my mouth like the disposable ones. Also the mask doesn’t droop down my nose while talking to patients. The elastic bands doesn’t irritate the back of the ears when having to wear it all day. Thank you Hanuk for making such a great mask.

June, CA

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