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Cotton Face Mask

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  • Navy Blossom
    • Original
    • Small
    • No nose wire
    • + nose wire


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    Hanuk Design is women owned and all our masks are made in the USA. Since we started our line in March, we have made and donated hundreds of masks to facilities in need in Portland and in New York. Now, 3 % of our profits will be donated to high-need charities and organizations.

    Thanks for all your support! 


    • Generous surface area in the front panel to optimize breathability. After testing we have chosen the shape that is the most universal for non-clinical wear.
    • Filter pocket (refer to Details section for more information.)
    • Adjustable elastic ear loops to customize to all faces and head sizes
    • Option of nose wire pocket (replaceable)
    • Tight-woven 100% cotton for maximum efficacy
    • Reusable, eco friendly & machine washable
    • Wide variety of colors/prints

    Please remember: 

    • These masks are non-medical grade masks but have been optimized for public use.


    • Original mask: our original mask as is
    • Small mask: mask for small faces
    • + nosewire: come with 2 nosewires and nosewire pocket


    • Machine wash cold
    • Hang dry (for a longer-lasting mask) or tumble dry low if necessary
    • Face mask w/ nosewire: remove nose wire before washing
    • Like all cotton products, may shrink over time
    • Do not bleach
    • You may spray with alcohol to disinfect


    • Original size (fits most adults): 6"H x 7.75"W 
    • Small size (for adults with small faces): 5.75"H x 7.5"W


    • Shell: 100% light-weight woven cotton
    • Elastic: 2 mm thickness


    • Hand made in the USA


    Please be advised that this is not a medical-grade product. We cannot make any claims about its effectiveness, as it has not undergone clinical testing.


    For more information on use and wear, please see HOW TO USE OUR FACE MASKS.


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    To ensure the safety of everyone, we do not accept returns and all sales are final.

    If you have concerns, please contact us. We would like to help as much as we can! (info@hanukdesign.com)